Tanya O'Callaghan Musician, Activist and Keynote Speaker

Tanya O’Callaghan

Acclaimed Musician
Advocate for Animal, Human and Environmental Causes
Inspirational Keynote Speaker


Sustainability. What business can do to avoid greenwashing. The incredible power of the consumer. Highway to Health – healthy living while on the road. Bio foods and the future. Life and times. Personal development. Social leadership.

Tanya O’ Callaghan is an internationally acclaimed musician, keynote speaker and a lifelong activist and advocate for animal, human and environmental causes. Her passion is highlighting and simplifying the challenges faced by the world’s ecosystem by harnessing the incredible, positive powers we have as consumers with our every day choices.

She encourages and motivates to recommit and strive to do a better job on the path towards a more sustainable future; after all, the major thing we have in common is planet Earth. A life-long environmentalist and plant based health advocate when not on stages across the world, her motto is “Changing plates, changes the world!”.

A huge advocate for critical thinking and healthy scepticism, Tanya encourages people to turn off the 24/7 news cycle and fall in love with books again and encourages healthy conversations between people from very different walks of life; that is where our greatest growth happens.

Tanya’s whole mission in life is using her platform for good. As a speaker and plant-based health coach, she puts together fun, approachable and easily implementable steps for large groups of employee bases to utilise their powers as consumers and have a profound effect on their own health, while reducing their carbon footprints as individuals and entire company structures.

Tanya also created, produced and co-hosts the brand new TV show and YouTube channel Highway to Health, coming to screens in 2023. Together with Derrick Green of Sepultura they challenge stereotypes and discovers a healthier way to live while on the road. They step off the stage and take to the streets to seek exciting vegan food in fascinating places. Along the way they meet with interesting friends and guests ranging from local farmers and chefs to celebrities and experts, commenting on sustainability in all walks of life, from energy to aviation. Tanya utilises stories and insights from their journeys that your audience can apply to their professional development.

Tanya encourages everyone to use our platforms no matter how small or big, for positive change and healthy conversations; being calm, diplomatic but indefatigable in a time of short attentions spans and keyboard warriors. We don’t have time for superiority complexes, we need to focus on solutions.

“Perseverance is the bridge by which difficulty is overcome.”