Dan Hunt Motivational Speaker

Dan Hunt

UK Sport Performance Consultant
Motivational keynote speaker


Parallels between High Performance Sport and Business. Chess On Wheels: Making The Right Decisions to Win. Going For Gold. Motivation. Teamwork. Leadership. Marginal Gains. Peak Performance. Personal and Team Motivation.

As one of the UK’s leading sports performance consultants, Dan is advisor to UK Sports “Sport Org” project. As former Head of Performance for The Premier League, Performance Director at GB Snowsport and National Endurance Coach and Sports Director and National Endurance Coach to GB Cycling and Team Sky, Dan is a proven performance leader with an understanding of all the components it takes to succeed at the highest level in sport.

Dan will speak about the transformation of the British cycling team from ‘also-rans into world leaders, and will teach businesses the benefits of the “marginal gains” and culture change needed to make an organisation a success

To have what he calls a “podium mentality”, to have the mindset and values required to reach the top, as a relaxed and personable speaker, he will inspire the audience with his messages and presentations.