Mark Denton Motivational Speaker and Professional Sailing Racer

Mark Denton

Professional sailing racer
leadership expert
Inspirational keynote speaker


Physical, emotional and psychological Safety. Inclusion, Motivation and Self Actualisation. Focus, efficiency and Agility.

Mark has sailed over 80,000 miles across the worlds toughest oceans and has competed at the highest level in countless races. Translating his vast experience navigating turbulent waters to helping businesses do the same, he has won awards for delivering amazing presentations.

In his stunning audio visual presentations, Mark shows how ordinary people are capable of achieving truly extraordinary results. Simply put, Mark helps organisations to reshape their cultures and improve their leadership resilience.

“We couldn’t have hoped for more from the Masterclass session. 100% attention, 5 star feedback and our leaders visibly moved afterwards by what they heard. It was everything we were hoping for!

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