Mikkey Dee Inspirational Keynote Speaker

Mikkey Dee

Legendary rock drummer
Inspirational keynote speaker


Teamwork. Creativity. Motivation. Inspiration. Life story. Perseverance

Mikkey Dee has played the drums in King Diamond, Don Dokken, Motörhead and is the current Scorpions drummer.

Lemmy had repeatedly been asking Mikkey to join Motörhead since 1986. Mikkey turned him down during the years for two major reasons. The first being that he was happy with where he was and never wanted to be a drummer jumping around between bands for fame and fortune and the second reason being that he simply did not feel ready. You just don’t walk in to a band like Motörhead like it´s just another day at work. Mikkey strongly felt he had not yet earned the strips to be a full member of Motörhead. Finally, in 1991 Lemmy cornered Mikkey at the famous Rainbow Bar & Grill in Hollywood and told him to join the band already… Mikkey replied: – “Let’s do it!” and the rest is history. After Lemmy´s passing in December of 2015 Mikkey has been sharing the message to celebrate the life of Lemmy rather than mourn his death. In 2016, Mikkey joined The Scorpions permanently

One of the legendary drummers in rock, Mikkey is also a keen ice hockey player, and the owner of a rock bar in Paris called Alabama