About Movie Guard Security

Founded in 2011 by Gavin Milligan, Movie Guard Security offer a second to none security service to the TV and Film Industry.

From humble beginnings we grew to (what size) largely due to being known in the film and TV industry for doing a good job. Location managers repeatedly come back to on safe in the knowledge our experience and expertise will allow us to fit seamlessly with their production crew and deliver an exceptional security service.

Gavin Milligan


Movie Guard Security, founded in 2011 by Gavin, is becoming one of the first points of call for all security needs. Gavin has worked in the industry for 20 years and has a vast knowledge of the inner workings of a film set and its security requirements. He has worked in the locations team as location manager and unit manager.

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Mikey Milligan

Security Consultant – Lead Operative

Mikey brings experience and a smile to every shoot. Perfecting the art of communicating with production crew and the general public. With over 10 years experience of dramas, promos, film and commercials always willing to go the extra mile and making sure your shoot is safe and secure.

Jules Caskey

Operations Director

Jules makes sure the day to day running of MGS goes smoothly. Gavin’s right hand woman, she handles the  logistics of making sure everyone has what they need to do their job effectively, solving problems and liaising with clients.


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Debbie Pritchard

Security Coordinator

Debbie’s background is in location management and carries a wealth of knowledge in the film industry. With her wealth of experience and amazing organisation skills, Debbie assists MGS in our daily logistics making sure security demands are met well in advance

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Our Values

We operate with honesty and integrity, and are dedicated to going above and beyond to deliver an exceptional security service.

We act as a valuable member of your team, knowing where and how to provide support to create a safe and secure location that keeps productions running smoothly.

We are a diverse family of security experts whose years of experience together has built a high level of respect, trust and care towards everyone we work with.

“Since it’s creation Movie Guard has been the only on site security team I use. We manage commercial film shoots where the turn around from “green lit” to the shoot is narrow, the expectations remain high and as a result preparation time is squeezed. This means that all elements of the Location’s Departments operation need to be effective and adaptable. Movie Guard has, for me, become one of the linch pins in my projects. It is only through consistently delivering smooth shoot days on great locations that our company has thrived.”

“Luckily for me I was introduced to Movie Guard early on in my career in Locations. Gavin and his team always go the extra mile to provide reliable security to shoots. The leadmen have years of experience and can be relied on to manage complicated shoots. On top of that Producers and members of crew regularly comment on how polite and helpful the security has been on jobs with MovieGuard which always helps!”

Calum Chisholm, Location Manager

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