Jaz Ampaw-Farr

Jaz Ampaw-Farr

Award winning speaker of the year.
Expert in leadership, resilience,
well being and diversity.


Leadership. Mental Resilience. Peak Performance. Change. Triumph Over Adversity. Inspiration.

We’ve had an industrial, technological and digital revolution. It’s time to aim higher than simply ‘getting back to normal’ by redefining the unwritten rules of work and life. Humans are hardwired for story. Organisations wishing to increase their influence and impact need a fresh intention to build communities and connections within their internal culture and external narratives.

Nicknamed ‘The British Oprah’ in the US, Jaz is an international headline speaker, who makes audiences laugh, cry and leave on a high. Her USP is her disarming ability to engage audiences on an emotional and intellectual level and galvanise them into taking action.

You want a keynote speaker who does more than inspire. One that is easy to book and work with, adds massive value to your event and leaves every individual motivated and reconnected to their sense of purpose. In this digital age, peak performance is more than working harder and smarter. Organisations who empower their people go beyond thriving into driving change ultimately win. In her sessions Jaz outlines how to embed ambitious levels of resilience, in yourself and those you lead and serve.

“Jaz is real deal, real life and a real wake up call. She gets under the skin of your organisation… and peels back a few layers of the corporate onion. Her attention to detail and the way she works with clients is beyond exemplary.”